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Presenting via web conference: love it or hate it, it’s the new normal.

COVID-19 has changed the way we meet, possibly forever. Our professional presentations have moved increasingly (and often suddenly) online.

Here is the good news: many (or most) of the best practices for face-to-face presentations also apply to online presentations.


We have all heard and read this many times: “You must follow reporting guidelines when writing and publishing your research.”

Sure… but which reporting guidelines do I follow? CONSORT, STROBE, CARE, ARRIVE, MOOSE, PRISMA, SPIRIT, STARD, AGREE, CHEERS… Such an alphabet soup! So many sets of guidelines! How do I find the reporting guidelines that are relevant to my research?


How do you conduct a systematic literature review?

Search the literature using keywords, screen the papers for eligibility, extract the data from each paper, and combine the numbers to calculate an aggregate relative risk or odds ratio. Right? No…


You need a great cover letter to make a strong first impression on the editor. This free interactive PDF shows you how to highlight the strengths of your submission.


“This is a very effective visual abstract. The key messages are apparent immediately, including the risk as well as benefit. The design is simple and attractive, making it easy to comprehend the study.”


The flow diagram is an important visual component of any systematic review. Yet some researchers (and readers) still get them wrong. Dr. Meyer explains how to ride the big wave.


⏱ 2.5 hours (self-paced)  • Learn the best ways to structure, outline, draft, and revise your manuscript, especially for a PhD thesis.

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