Types of Peer Review

There are several different types of peer review systems:

  1. Single-blinded peer review = only the reviewer is anonymous
  2. Double-blinded peer review = both the author and reviewer are anonymous
  3. Open peer review = no one is anonymous

Some journals publish the peer review comments online. These comments may be anonymous or named.

Some journals operate these new types of peer review :

  • Transferable (or cascading) peer review = Your rejected manuscript and peer review comments go to another journal by the same publisher
  • Portable peer review = You can take your rejected manuscript and peer review comments to a journal of another publisher
    • Pre-submission peer review (a type of portable peer review) = You get your manuscript peer reviewed by a trusted peer review service. You then give this to the journal together with your manuscript
  • Collaborative peer review = The reviewers discuss your manuscript with each other

Post-publication peer review = Your manuscript is peer-reviewed after it is published online

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