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Before You Begin Your Research

⏱ 1 hour of self-study
• Rich text and illustrations
• Certificate and quiz

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How to Get Research Funding

⏱ 1 hour slideshow video
• Q&A session

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How To Write a High-Quality Literature Review 🆕

⏱ 1 hour of self-study
• Interactive video slideshow
• mini-quizzes

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Reading & Reviewing

⏱ 2.5 hours of self-study
• Slideshows with captions
• Downloadable materials
• Certificate and quizzes

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Developed by research professionals who care about your success

Dr. Gareth Dyke

Dr. Gareth Dyke

• PhD Palaeontology, University of Bristol
• Editor-in-Chief of Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology
• More than 280 peer-reviewed publications including in Nature and Science

Dr. Ruth Tunn

Dr. Ruth Tunn

• PhD Pharmacology, University of Oxford;
• Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Edge Hill University
• Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)

Dr. Daniel McGowan

Dr. Daniel McGowan

• PhD Molecular Neuroscience, University of Auckland
• Certified Medical Publications Professional (CMPP) and ISMPP member
• Served as Senior Scientist at the University of Cambridge, UK and as a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge

Scott McCleary

Scott McCleary

• M.Ed, University of Southern Queensland
• Postgraduate certificate in Education Technology
• curriculum developer for 40+ organizations worldwide

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