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Grab an infographic for some quick insights and new knowledge!

PDF Mini E-books

No time for deep reading today? These short guides are packed with time-saving checklists and pro tips to maximize your publication speed and quality.

Full-Length E-books

My Edanz Members get FREE access to top-quality, expertly-written e-books such as “Clinical Research Writing,” “Anatomy of a Cover Letter”, and our popular classic, “Writing Your Research”, which covers the whole writing process from draft to submission.

Time-Saving Templates

Need to write a pre-submission enquiry? Want to brush up your CV? How about writing that all-important cover letter to a journal editor?
These handy little docs have been downloaded by thousands of members. Grab yours today!

Quick Courses

Get anytime, anywhere access to 30+ expertly-designed self-study courses that span the entire research cycle from preparation through to promotion

Certificates and Quizzes

Many courses offer review quizzes so you can check your learning progress.
Pass course quizzes to earn official Edanz certificates that you can keep and even share online.

Designed for Global Researchers like YOU

All Learning Lab content is written in clear, understandable English, suitable for English-language native and non-native speakers alike!

Many courses/lessons also offer full Japanese translations and/or subtitle captions.

At Edanz, since 1995 we have always believed in levelling the playing field for ALL researchers EVERYWHERE around the world, so that YOUR research can make a global impact!

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