Writing in English

There are two main reasons to write your manuscript in English: career advancement and increased access to research funding

Career advancement

English is the common language (lingua franca) used by the international academic community. Therefore, you must publish in English to reach the widest audience possible. Scientific and medical researchers around the world are interested not only in the work being done in the West and the major intellectual hubs of the East, but increasingly in the novel research coming from emerging economies like Turkey and Indonesia.

Publishing in English-language academic journals helps you contribute to the world’s scientific knowledge. Your career will advance because publishing can:

  • Remove geographic limitations
  • Place you at an equal level with others in your field
  • Let your work be more widely read
  • Improve your international reputation, so you will be invited to international conferences and asked to write review articles or books

Publishing in English means your work is peer reviewed by experts from around the world. This encourages discussions and new avenues of study. It helps ensure that your research is relevant, sound, and reproducible. Being published will help increase recognition of your name. It can benefit your reputation in and beyond your academic community.

Additionally, your study may demonstrate unique insight from your region. The results might be applicable to other populations or environments. They may lead to further scientific advancement. Finally, publications in English are cited far more often than those in other languages. Thus, publishing in English helps you and your country develop an international reputation. It establishes your unique place in the academic world.

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