The BIG Question: How to Develop Ideas For Your Next Research Study

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Knowing how to find and fill knowledge gaps is a key skill for ANY researcher. Every impactful publication starts with a burning question to which YOU provide the answers. But where to start? What are the most effective ways to survey the literature? How can you develop a question that will make your next study more novel and impactful?

In this special 40-minute video, global publishing expert Dr. Julian Tang gives actionable tips on how to laser-FOCUS your research questions so that YOU can provide the answers – and make a powerful, positive impact in YOUR field!

  • Starting off on the right foot
    • Understanding the importance of a good research question
    • Types of research questions
    • The four steps in formulating a research question
  • Characteristics of a strong research question
    • FINER criteria
    • The six C’s
    • Research questions and study design
    • Examples of good and bad research questions
  • Going beyond research questions into hypotheses
    • The four steps to developing a good hypothesis
  • Critical reading
    • How to spot gaps in the literature
    • How to turn gaps into research questions
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