ECA06 Edanz_ECR_ep6_09_05_2022


So far in this series, we have selected a journal and checked its requirements (Episode 1), outlined our first draft (Episode 2), avoided common manuscript writing mistakes (Episode 3), displayed our data as tables and figures (Episode 4), and written an amazing abstract, title, and keywords to promote our paper (Episode 5).

Welcome to Episode 6 – and get ready to SUBMIT your paper to the JOURNAL!

Join research publishing expert Dr. Dean Meyer, and Edanz’s Scott McCleary for an interactive and information-packed hour of tips and tricks. Step-by-step, we’ll show you how to submit YOUR paper to your preferred journal, get noticed by the editor, and get a “green light” for peer review!

In this event you will learn (or re-learn):

  • How to plan a journal submission STRATEGY and AVOID DESK REJECTION
  • How to write a killer COVER LETTER that will get the journal editor’s attention
  • How to RECOMMEND (or exclude) the right PEER REVIEWERS for your paper
  • How to be ETHICAL and how to AVOID common submission SCAMS



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