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Create a graphical abstract, visual abstract – Edanz

Creating Graphical Abstracts

Graphical abstracts are a concise, visual way to take advantage of the expanding role of online publications for scientific journals. Here’s what they involve and how you can get help creating yours.

Unfinished manuscript – get published – Edanz

Unfinished Manuscripts: How to Finish Them and Get Published

An unfinished manuscript can make you feel anxious and full of regret. You know you should finish and publish, but something is in your way. This article will help you find what keeps you from publication and how to break through and get published.

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Communication During the Publication Cycle

⏱ 40 minutes • In this colorful interactive video, learn how to effectively communicate with journal editors and peer reviewers.

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Effective Research Writing 🆕

⏱ 45 minutes • In this animated video, learn how to plan, draft, and edit your manuscript for maximum readership and impact.

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Researcher LIVE Systematic Reviews Pro Series

In this series we work through the steps, stages and details of doing your own high-evidence-level systematic review.

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Dr. Julian Tang

Dr. Julian Tang

• PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences from the University of Melbourne, Australia.
• began as a writer with Nature Publishing Group
• former editor at the National Children’s Hospital in Japan

Dr. Amin Yousefi-Sahzabi

Dr. Amin Yousefi-Sahzabi

• PhD in geo-environmental sciences at Kyushu University in 2012
• former Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Kyushu University.
• editorial board member of the Electronic Green Journal published by the University of California (UCLA).

Ayli Chong

Ayli Chong

• University of Sydney: Hearing and Speech
• CIEP: Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading
• ELS: Board of Editors in the Life Sciences

Scott McCleary

Scott McCleary

• M.Ed, University of Southern Queensland
• Postgraduate certificate in Education Technology
• curriculum developer for 40+ organizations worldwide

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