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What is salami publishing

Salami Publishing: What It Is and Why You Must Avoid It

Salami publishing means dividing your research findings into thin “slices” (like cutting a salami), and publishing each one separately to try to increase your total publication count. Here’s why you must never do it.

Where Can I Get New Research Ideas?

Where do good research ideas come from? Does it come down to the quality of our ideas? Our research process management skills? Actually, the answer is both of these! Let’s see how it’s done!

Why You Should be a Peer Reviewer

Been asked to perform peer review for a journal? Turn it into a career opportunity!  Let’s find out why doing peer reviews is great

How Do I Differentiate My Research?

You can be different in your research writing — more eye-catching and more memorable! This is also important if you are going to get your work published in leading journals where editors, of course, want to see work that’s a little different.

How Do Editors Edit? What Is Proofreading?

Editors working on articles for language do two things: They correct (often following checklists and style guides) and they enhance readability. These two parts of the editing process are both very important.

What Is the Future of Academic Assessment?

Of course, we teach about, and advise on, journal selection at the Edanz Learning Lab; this is one of the most important questions researchers face throughout the academic writing and publishing journey. But what is impact, really? University around the world have been moving away from research assessments based only on journals.

How to Write an Effective Personal Statement

So-called ‘personal statements’ are short documents written by candidates applying to universities that are very often used for assessment by admissions tutors. So how do you write an effective one?

How to Get Your Scientific Article Cited [Top 12 Tips]

There is no point writing a research paper and publishing it in a leading international journal if no-one reads it, downloads it, or cites it. Maximizing our publication citations is key to reputation, career, and standing in the field!

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