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Understanding a PRISMA Flow Diagram

The flow diagram (also called flowchart or flow chart) is typically the first figure in the results section of your systematic review. It’s a logical and helpful guide for the reader. Our expert walks you through how to write one.

systematic review risk of bias – Edanz Learning Lab

What is Risk of Bias in a Systematic Review?

Bias is a systematic error that can lead to the wrong outcomes and conclusions. These errors can be mistakes in the design, conduct, or analysis of the study. Risk of bias is the risk of these errors occurring. Learn more here.

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Creating Graphical Abstracts

Graphical abstracts are a concise, visual way to take advantage of the expanding role of online publications for scientific journals. Here’s what they involve and how you can get help creating yours.

Writing a Research Abstract: Basics and Insider Tips

The abstract is a short summary of your manuscript. It is extremely important that your abstract is well prepared and sufficiently represents your paper, because the abstract is often the only part of paper that will be read.

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What Makes a Great Figure in a Scientific Paper?

Figures in scientific papers catch the reader’s eye. They should clearly and easily show data visually. That includes how you lay them out, scale them, and annotate them. Here’s how to make them more effective.

peer review limitations

What Peer Review Can and Cannot Do for Your Research

Peer review is quality control for science, but it has its limits. Verifying data, declaring COIs, and being honest are among them. Here’s what you can expect from your peer reviewers and what you cannot reasonably expect.

How to build your reference list

Easier Ways to Manage Your References List

How much do you love writing your references list? Probably about as much as you love a trip to the dentist. But there are actually ways to make citing references a breeze. Read this article to learn how.

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