Performing Clinical Research

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Learn about clinical trials and guidelines, GCPs, trial protocol records and reporting, research questions, study types, clinical research methods, and data analysis

Dr Matt Glasgow specializes in health informatics and health economics, including cost-utility/cost-benefit analysis, and decision analytic modelling.

Health/medical informatics experience includes the development and maintenance of assorted Clinical Decision Support technologies.

Current research projects includes economic analyses, decision analytic modelling, and systematic literature reviews for scientific and market gap analyses.

Dr Dean Meyer, PhD Toxicology,
Master of Public Health (MPH), Public Health Practice

Dr. Meyer has a background in environmental science with a specialist interest in toxicology and public health. Her doctoral research work focused on molecular mechanisms of metal detoxification in an invertebrate model.

She spent eight years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and has an extensive background in the areas of laboratory safety and environmental health. Dr Meyer is a certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS) and joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2015.

Dr. Trevor Lane, PhD

Dr. Lane, PhD Physiological Sciences has been helping researchers to publish their results internationally for over 20 years. He has held postdoctoral research positions in clinical oncology and genetics.

He was the managing editor of several medical journals in Asia and senior editor of two journals in the USA. He is a board member of COPE, the Committee of Publication Ethics.

Dr McGowan, PhD Molecular Neuroscience, was an Associate Editor of Nature Reviews Neuroscience, and has more than ten years of post-doctoral and post-graduate laboratory experience in the areas of neurodegenerative diseases, molecular and cellular biology, protein biochemistry, proteomics and genomics. 

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