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⏱ 1 hour slideshow video • Q&A session

Make the most out of your research writing! In this video you will learn:
• The writing style PREFERRED BY JOURNALS
• Writing complex ideas in SIMPLE ENGLISH
• COMMONLY CONFUSED and misused words

Dr. Gareth Dyke, PhD

Gareth is a real-life Indiana Jones who has traveled the world digging up buried treasures. He has published nearly 300 papers, including in some of the top journals in his field of paleontology. He also manages the Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology as its Editor-in-Chief.

Scott McCleary, M.Ed

Scott has developed and delivered training programs for more than 40 organizations worldwide in fields such as: medical, pharma, business, finance, big tech, and higher education. He has lectured at a number of universities in Tokyo as well as the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

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