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Live Event (Jan 12 2023 10am GMT): “THE BIG QUESTION: How to Develop a Research Question for Your Next Study”

2023-01-12 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Knowing how to find and fill knowledge gaps is a key skill for ANY researcher. Every impactful publication starts with a burning question to which YOU provide the answers. But where to start? What are the most effective ways to survey the literature? How can you develop a question that will make your next study more novel and impactful?

In this special 1-hour event collaboration between ACADEMIC LANGUAGE EXPERTS (https://www.aclang.com) and EDANZ LEARNING LAB (https://learning.edanz.com), global publishing expert Dr. Julian Tang gives actionable tips plus an open Q&A session! Learn how to laser-FOCUS your research questions so that YOU can provide the answers – and make a powerful, positive impact in YOUR field!

1. Starting off on the right foot when formulating a research question
• Understanding what a research question is and its importance
• Type of research questions
• The four steps in formulating a research question

2. Characteristics of a strong research question
• FINER criteria
• The six C’s
• Research question and study design
• Example of good and bad research questions

3. Going Beyond Formulation of Research Question
• Forming a hypothesis
• Examples of hypotheses

Jan 12 2023 9:00am GMT / 18:00 JST

It’s free! Click here to register now


About Dr Julian Tang:

Doctor Tang’s science communications began as a writer with Nature Publishing Group, then as an editor at the National Children’s Hospital in Japan, and later as an editor and educator with Edanz.

He has worked closely with multinational corporations, national hospitals, and universities to advise clinicians and researchers on grant application and publishing strategies.

Julian holds a PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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