How to join your group’s subscription (in five easy steps)

Click each step to learn more:

Sign up for a free account using your institution email address (i.e.

After signing up, check your email inbox for the message, “Please Verify Your Account”. Click on the link to verify. You will be taken to your new Edanz member account. Welcome to Edanz Group! You can now close this page. 

You should have received a link (by email or PDF) that looks similar to the one below. Click on your link and go on to Step 5.

(If you do not have the subscription link, please contact us for help. Be sure to tell us your institution/university’s name in the contact form.)

After clicking ‘Join this group’ you will see the message: “Congratulations! You are now a member of this group.” 

That’s it. You’re all signed up!

Click on ‘My Courses’ from the ‘Courses’ menu at the top left. My Courses’ is where you can check your course and quiz progress, edit your profile, and print certificates after completing courses. You will see the course(s) included in your group’s subscription.

 You can also find more free courses on the ‘All Courses’ page.

Enjoy learning to maximize your research impact!


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