Planning the Perfect Research Publication

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In this special presentation, Dr Tang gives an overview of what to expect from the whole research publishing cycle, and how you can effectively prepare for a successful publication!

  • Formulating Research Questions: First we will look at how to start your research cycle: with a great question! What gaps in the literature can you fill? What unanswered need will you try to address?
  • Journal Selection: The requirements and audience of your target journal will guide your entire manuscript writing process. Here we will learn how to choose the best journal for your paper!
  • The Submission Process: Third and finally, we look at communication strategies to help you to navigate the back-and-forth process of journal submission and peer review, so you can get published faster!

Doctor Tang’s science communications began as a writer with Nature Publishing Group, then as an editor at the National Children’s Hospital in Japan, and later as an editor and educator with Edanz.

Julian has worked closely with multinational corporations, national hospitals, and universities to advise clinicians and researchers on grant application and publishing strategies. 

He holds a PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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