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Reading & Reviewing

Welcome! This course will help you build foundation skills in academic reading and critical thinking.

How to Write a Peer Review Report

In this follow-up to “How To Peer Review a Paper”, learn how to write a peer review report for international research journals.

Academic English Writing

Learn the foundations of professional academic English writing, especially for international peer-reviewed journals.

Publishing and Ethics

Learn the key foundations of publishing your research to global ethical standards. 

Ethics and Standards

Welcome to the course! Here you will learn about the many international ethics guidelines that all researchers and publishers must follow. You will also learn how to avoid the most common types of plagiarism.

Journal Selection

Selecting the most appropriate journal to publish your research in is crucial. This course will show you how to choose well and maximize your chances of acceptance.

Research Writing and Thesis Preparation

⏱ 2 hours • In this course, you will learn the best ways to plan, draft, and revise a research paper, focusing on university dissertations and theses. The skills that you learn and master in dissertation writing will also be valuable when you prepare research manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Writing Your Manuscript Step-by-Step

In this free companion course, Dr. Trevor Lane guides you through writing with MY manuscript — all the way from rough outline to perfect draft and journal submission.

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