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What Is the Future of Academic Assessment?

Of course, we teach about, and advise on, journal selection at the Edanz Learning Lab; this is one of the most important questions researchers face throughout the academic writing and publishing journey. But what is impact, really? University around the world have been moving away from research assessments based only on journals.

How to Select an Open Access Journal

Picking a good journal to target with a research article is one of the most common issues researchers face. How can you select? There are literally thousands of journals out there to choose from? Which is going to be best for your next research paper?

Authorship, acknowledgements, conflicts of interest

Making Sure You Ethically Declare Authorship, Acknowledgments, and Conflicts of Interest

A successfully published manuscript is much more than a viable piece of research written up …

Making Sure You Ethically Declare Authorship, Acknowledgments, and Conflicts of Interest Read More »

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Understanding Types of Scientific Publications

It’s important to be aware of the different types of literature that exist and the variety of publication types within each class. It’s also important to honestly evaluate your work to determine what publication type is most appropriate for your study. Find out more here.

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Identifying Non-reputable Journals

When you’ve prepared your outstanding research for publication, you need to choose a good journal. But there are unethical and so-called predatory journals out there, trying to trick you into using them. Here’s what to avoid.

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