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What is Statistical Modeling?

Statistical modeling fills the gap when you can’t possibly sample every member of a population. In this post, you’ll see the most common type of models at work, with published examples.

Forest Plots: When and How to Use Them

The forest plot is a figure that appears in the Results section of a systematic literature review report. It is a graphic representation of the findings of multiple studies that investigated the same scientific question and measured the same outcome.

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Understanding a PRISMA Flow Diagram

The flow diagram (also called flowchart or flow chart) is typically the first figure in the results section of your systematic review. It’s a logical and helpful guide for the reader. Our expert walks you through how to write one.

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What Makes Scientific Figures Effective? What you should know

Figures in scientific papers catch the reader’s eye. They should clearly and easily show data visually. That includes how you lay them out, scale them, and annotate them. Here’s how to make them more effective.

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