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peer review limitations

What Peer Review Can and Cannot Do for Your Research

Peer review is quality control for science, but it has its limits. Verifying data, declaring COIs, and being honest are among them. Here’s what you can expect from your peer reviewers and what you cannot reasonably expect.

How to build your reference list

Easier Ways to Manage Your References List

How much do you love writing your references list? Probably about as much as you love a trip to the dentist. But there are actually ways to make citing references a breeze. Read this article to learn how.

How long does peer review take? Edanz Learning Lab

How Long Does Peer Review Take?

Peer review takes time, but how long? Find what to do (and NOT to do) when waiting to hear back from the journal about your submission.

What is salami publishing

Salami Publishing: What It Is and Why You Must Avoid It

Salami publishing means dividing your research findings into thin “slices” (like cutting a salami), and publishing each one separately to try to increase your total publication count. Here’s why you must never do it.

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