Up Close with Edanz Experts – Dr. Jennifer Smith

Edanz expert editors bring so much more to us than their meticulous editing skills and insight. They have a fascinating wealth of life and study experience that we seldom get the chance to see. In this series we get to know the experts on the other side of your manuscript.

Edanz Expert Editor Dr Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith, PhD, botanist and biochemist, has been an editor with Edanz since 2007, marking this year as one decade of service to our authors. An extremely positive presence both on the page and in conversation, Dr Smith advises authors at all stages in their careers to not be discouraged by rejection.

How did you get into editing?

I met a scientific editor years ago and thought her job sounded like my dream job, but I didn’t know how to get started. Later, I met another editor who received work from several agencies. I approached one of the agencies, they sent me a test document to edit, and I started from there.

What sparked your interest in becoming an editor for Edanz?

I really enjoyed all the reading and writing involved in my undergraduate degree and then in my PhD. Later, as a post-doc and then as a full-time research scientist, I always really liked the reading, writing, and editing parts of my job. My colleagues, even those who spoke English as their first language, often asked me to help them with polishing manuscripts, and I was always asked to write the reports on collaborative projects I worked on. When I realized that scientific editing was a career in itself, I knew it was a good fit for me because I love the work, I have good language skills, and the job could fit around my young family.

What do you like most about being an editor?

Lots of things! I am genuinely interested in the subject matter of most manuscripts and enjoy constantly learning new things in diverse areas of biological science. I find it very satisfying to see a paper with a great message and then help that message come out by improving the language. I enjoy being involved in the publication process and helping authors get their work “out there.” It’s also intriguing to see papers from the same research group over a long period of time. I love watching how their work evolves.

What work, research, and other activities do you do apart from editing for Edanz?

I don’t do laboratory work anymore, but I still work on a few projects with my former colleagues. Sometimes, I run workshops at local science institutes to help scientists write more simply.
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, sewing, and knitting. I also enjoy hiking in the beautiful national parks here in New Zealand.

Look for more Q&A with Dr Smith as well as other editors in the future.

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